Random Saturday Post

After finishing up the 2 Day Cleanse yesterday I felt great! Tons of energy after my coffee and breakfast! I decided I would get some things done during the day around the house and then go do some errands….Before going to a Body Pump class at the gym at 4:30. I figured I would just run home afterwards (only 5 km).



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Cleanse Over…..Longest 2 days ever…..

Sometime I come up with these ideas that I immediately regret. But then I am too stupid stubborn to admit it and follow through even though I am kicking myself the whole time……Well this was one of these ideas folks…….


I was feeling a bit sluggish and bloated so I just said screw it and decided to do the Isagenix 2 Day cleanse



I didn’t even post last night because I was absolutely miserable……I have never done a fast before…..EVER……and now I know why……..

I managed to get through it….mostly by constantly complaining, during the day, to anyone at work that would listen and to Shane in the evenings……I have no doubt that I drove everyone completely nuts……My problem was definitely EVERYONES problem!!!!


Sorry about that……….

I did take some before and after pictures, just to see if there would actually be a difference or if it is all in my head……I did end up loosing exactly 5 Lbs, but I can see a bit of a difference. I really do feel less bloated today and just better all around!

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Hangry Bit**

Well with Spring in the air and Summer peaking over the horizon, it made me start to think about those beach days of July and August…….Along with Beach days come fun, friends, sand and bathing suits……….oh Shit….BATHING SUITS…….

bathing suit season

Time to own up to the Winter weight and deal with it. Besides wanting to fit into my Summer clothes, if I have any intention of doing well on the upcoming runs I need to get these 10 lbs off. Ugh….

I am not really one for patience. Actually I have about zero for a lot of things and dieting is one of them. I love food….period! And I am not saying that in the way most people half heartily spit that out…..


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