Hangry Bit**

Well with Spring in the air and Summer peaking over the horizon, it made me start to think about those beach days of July and August…….Along with Beach days come fun, friends, sand and bathing suits……….oh Shit….BATHING SUITS…….

bathing suit season

Time to own up to the Winter weight and deal with it. Besides wanting to fit into my Summer clothes, if I have any intention of doing well on the upcoming runs I need to get these 10 lbs off. Ugh….

I am not really one for patience. Actually I have about zero for a lot of things and dieting is one of them. I love food….period! And I am not saying that in the way most people half heartily spit that out…..


I could talk about food all day. Cook, Grocery shop, read recipes……these are a few of my favorite things. It took me years to loose all my weight because it was a constant battle/fight to re teach myself everything I thought I knew about food. So now I am at a point for the most part where I can eat clean, calorically and nutritionally rich food that is good for me, and I love it. I also know myself enough to know that I can “splurge” at times and it is ok, especially around the holidays.  See I just can not eat like I would like to, my metabolism is terrible and I have thyroid issues, so eating clean and working out are not only part of my life for cosmetic reasons, they are huge due to being the only way I can maintain my weight loss.

pointyeah, yeah…….So anyways…..Long story short…….I put on 10 lbs this Winter…ok fine 12 lbs……


So drastic times call for drastic measures…….


Welcome to my life for 2 days. Started the cleanse this morning……This sucks…..2 scoops in water 4 times a day……THATS IT…..


I will do one more day of this, then 3 days of a more traditional diet paired with a few hard workouts, then back on the cleanse Monday and Tuesday then 3 more diet/work out days……..That should do it…..then back to regular clean eating and lots of running! Not really regretting the couple pound weight gain as most of it came from then Holidays and just not worrying about it come January, knowing I would take it off at one point.

Anyways……….Off to make my lunch for tomorrow……

Oh wait now……NEVERMIND



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