15K……It’s so friggin hot out

I wasn’t sure what to do for these last few runs (Thursday, Friday and Sunday)….The NPOMR is only 1 week away!

I was going to  a 17K, and 2 10K’s…then I thought maybe a 20K a 5K and a 10K….I ended up deciding on 2 15K’S and a 10K on Sunday…….

What-the-fuck-are-you-talking-about-gifJust pay attention….it isn’t that difficult!

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The straw that made me get a Camelbak!

One of the biggest challenges I have always had with my long runs is carrying enough water/liquid……I used to wear a hydration belt but I HATED it!


Soooooo annoying……So I found this hand held stainless steel water bottle from lulu lemon a couple years ago and have been using it ever since but,  It only holds about 600ML of liquid…..


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T-Shirt Curls

My hair has been curly since I was young and sometimes it drives me nuts! It is a pain in the ass to straighten and the humidity is definitely NOT my friend!

Remember when Monica went to Jamaica…….


Yeah that is pretty much right………

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Eva goes to JK!!!! and a Treadmill workout!


Me with Eva February 2011

They grow up so fast!!!!


My Goddaughter started school this week!!!!

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Where there is a will there is a way! Getting those runs in!

18 days until the National Peace Officers Memorial Run!

I worked all weekend…….Gross

Friday 6-6 and Saturday-Sunday 7-7


Ugh….You are telling me!

Friday was a rest day but I needed to do 5KM both Saturday and Sunday……Kinda hard at work on the weekends to get out and do that……

But where there is a will there is a way!


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Lemon-Coconut-Chia Muffins (Gluten and Vegan)

I saw some DELICIOUS looking Lemon Poppy Seed Muffins at the Bakery today!


Yep…..So I thought I would make some…..with a few tweaks!

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Tomato Chutney

The Garden has been like a Tomato factory this Summer! I grew about 7 different varieties this year and we have been loving eating them fresh off the vine! Most of our friends and family that live near us all have Gardens as well so giving the extras away isn’t as easy as you would think!


Yeah yeah

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This running shit is hard and I went to the beach!

You would think after 10 years of running I would have gotten the hang of it by now!!!!!

Today….one of the hottest days of the year……

Why not run 8.5 miles at noon…..


No shit!

It freaking sucked all right!

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Trying to train hard for this National Peace Officer Memorial Run and trying to shed these Summer pounds is proving difficult.

If I could just cut the carbs right out it would be a piece of cake



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