Random Saturday Post

After finishing up the 2 Day Cleanse yesterday I felt great! Tons of energy after my coffee and breakfast! I decided I would get some things done during the day around the house and then go do some errands….Before going to a Body Pump class at the gym at 4:30. I figured I would just run home afterwards (only 5 km).



I made Bran Muffins, Power Balls and a couple other things that I will share the recipes for later….

Raisn Bran Muffins!
Raisn Bran Muffins!
Cookie Dough Power Balls

The smoothie bowl I had for breakfast sat well in my system so I figured I was in the clear eating wise. I wasn’t sure after the cleanse, if I would be able to eat like normal. It seamed like I could so I threw caution to the wind and made a bowl of tandoori chicken salad on a bed of alfalfa sprouts!!! Yumm…..oh and don’t forget the dill pickles!



So I thought!

I ate the chicken salad (it was just some tandoori spiced chicken breast diced up with green onions and some Greek yogurt) around 12:30ish. Then we went and did some grocery shopping and went looking for some things we need for our backyard patio. The whole time we were shopping I felt so full, my stomach just didn’t feel right at all. I figured I would have to be ok by the time I went to the class, since it wasn’t until 4:30…..well nope. By the time I got Shane to drop me off at the Body Pump class I felt terrible. I got through the hour long class, barley……It also wasn’t the usual instructor it was a fill in and quite possibly one of the most annoying people in the world.

Here is a hot tip if anyone out there is a gym class instructor…….Don’t fucking sing the songs into your mic while you are teaching!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please……That was just the tip of her annoying iceberg……..

enoughWow…..I can not even explain……I didn’t even stay for the stretch track (regretting that today though…..so sore, but I felt I might do something that would get me kicked out of the gym)……but seriously…….Wow……



I finished the class with out throwing anything and set out for the run home. My stomach still wasn’t quite right. By the time I was 2 km in I was pretty sure I might throw up. I pushed on and finished the run, with a shitty time, none the less…….But I finished it….without puking!


I drank some water and had a shower……I think the run did actually help in the end because I started to feel better. I was able to have a bit of supper…….

I roasted some sweet potatoes and we did BBQ Chicken (1st backyard BBQ of the year!!) I cooked up some onions and peppers and we made “Fajita loaded sweet potatoes”


Topped it with some avocado, black beans and a little cheese….Delish….I only had a small amount as I didn’t want to upset my stomach again………….

We were able to enjoy the backyard for the first time this year as well. We live outside in the summer and have done our best to make outside completely functional as a living space. We have done pretty good the last couple years. Wall mounting a TV , getting outdoor storage space and a outdoor fridge. In the summer we barley need to go inside. It is great! We were just lacking a more comfy seating area……So we had been on the look out forever……Finally found exactly wheat we were looking for! Here is what the seating area looks like right now…….


Love it! The rest of the yard needs some work after that crazy Winter, but now that it is nicer out we can get it all fixed up!
We ended up sitting outside and having a glass of wine while watching a movie! It was great!


We were up pretty early this morning……After my interval run (and the Raptors 1st playoff game, which will be watched in the backyard) we will head out to try and get the 2 off-set patio umbrellas we are looking for.

Then tonight is the Food and Wine show!!!! Can’t wait!

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