Before and After

I grew up in rural Ontario. The oldest of three. I was active and although I never had a weight problem I remember being “concerned” with body image from a early age.

Me and my little brothers

I remember going on my first diet at age 11. Why I have no idea, but I ate cottage cheese and raw veggie for lunch for most of grade 6. In grade 7 I became a vegetarian. This lasted until my senior year in high school.

Once I went away to college I started to pack on the weight. I had never been “fat” so I actually didn’t get how large and unhealthy I had gotten.

College Graduation
My Brothers College Grad

These are the two pictures that made me realise that I was out of control. I couldn’t believe what I saw. I saw a couple pounds shy of 200 pounds!

It was a LONG transition. It took years, and lots of trial and error. I had to educate my self on what is actually a healthy lifestyle. I started running…..very slow at first. I will never forget the first time I ran 5k without stopping! I couldn’t believe I did it.

Years later I still struggle to stay on track and focused. I love the healthy lifestyle and what running does for every part of me, mind, body and soul. But I am human. I “mess up”, go “off track”. But what’s makes me different then before is that I get back up and dust myself off and carry on! Always trying to be better then yesterday!

December 2014
High Park 10k

Sometimes I still feel like that 200 pound girl. Hell sometimes I still see her when I look in the mirror. But, just like a lot of other women, we never feel “good enough”. We as women need to be proud of our accomplishments and hard work. Especially when you know how far you have come. I need to stop looking in the rear view mirror at what used to be and look ahead……at what is to come. I am hoping this new blog will keep me focused in this new direction.

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