The other 16 weeks and beyond -Part 1

When I left off I was 20 weeks along and all was well. I went off work early….. August 2 was my last shift worked and August 18 was when I was officially off on sick leave. It was just getting so hard to drive into Toronto every day, especially getting up at 5 am. I just couldn’t do it anymore. At that point I had multiple appointments every week anyways so being pregnant became my “job”. I pretty much sucked at it but that’s besides the point! 

We did our 3D ultra sound on August 25

So cute 

And on August 27 we had the most amazing baby shower. It was just adorable…. Thanks to my Mom and Bestest Friend Kelly!!! Just above and beyond anything we could have even thought of! 

Wow…. Just wow

September was gone before. I knew it but October crawled !!!! I was SO sore and uncomfortable it was insane. Going to the Chriopractor 3x a week just to function. Baby B (Boy) was breach I my right side rib cage and shit did it hurt!!!! Baby A (girl) was head down and my bigger baby…. They one we wernt “worried about”. 

Baby boy was being watched very close due to his small size  my O’BRIAN decided we should deliver at 37 weeks exactly, that would have been November 7th. On November 1st I went for my weekly appointment and told my Doctor in had a feeling and could we deliver earlier. She said “I trust a mom’s gut feeling ” and we were scheduled for a C-section on November 3 at 830 am. At this point Baby boy was diagnosed as Severe IUGR and they were worried the stress of labor would be too much for him , that’s why the C-section was scheduled.

We were so excited like.  I rushed around the rest of the day Tuesday and all day Wednesday  (as fast as my gigantic ass could go) and finished the few things that were left to do. By the time we went to bed Wednesday night I was pretty happy with everything.  The entire house was organized and clean. Every drawer, closet a day cupboard was cleaned out and purged . All the baby stuff put together and ready for the little ones. Thinking that baby boy was going to need some nicu time (OB  said he would due to size) we pack3d for 5-7 days because there was no way I was coming home without one of them ! I had previously arranged the suite rooms for after birth, an extra expense above what insurance pays but worth it for the comfort.  It had a double bed so Shane could sleep there and a nice stone walk in shower . 

The cleaning lady was coming while we were gone so we would come home to a spotless house. I thought i was soooo smart. 

My mom and step dad came up the night before as well to stay over. Shane and I headed to the hospital for 530 am, 3 hours pre surgery and was prepped. Everything seamed by the book. Both baby’s heartbeat were stable and my I’ve was in. All seamed well. But I couldn’t get rid of this feeling that something wasn’t right and I started to cry as I entered the OR. I chalked it up to nerves and hopped up on the table (with the assistance of a step stool and 2 nurses!) . The epidural was administered and Shane was brought in. 

Everything after this point is a total blur and the next 2 weeks are a total blur! Baby A -girl was born at 845am and one minute laster Baby B-Boy was here. Both came out screaming and I couldn’t wait to hold them. 

I watched, from the corner of my eye, as they cleaned and weighed my little gitlrl. It distracted my from the pushing on my stomach to get Baby boy pit.  I saw them take the Cpap face mask and give her oxygen. The nurse said it was normal and she seamed to be having trouble transitioning. But I knew it wasn’t OK……Baby boy was brought over and shown to me while I was being stitched up. Baby girl was whisked away before I could even see her and I just felt powerless. And scared….so scared. What was happening ? Why was it happening? Where were they taking her? Why can’t I see her? 

At this point I still couldn’t even move my legs and I was so messed up from the epidural. I was taken to recovery and given my Baby boy. He was perfect and passed all his tests….besides being 4lb12oz there was nothing to be concerned about. 

What felt like forever passed and no one was telling us anything. My anxiety was building and by noon I was panicked. Finally we were told Baby girl had some issues and they were running tests. What tests? Why? What’s happening? 

This is such a long emotional story for me……I don’t know how much of it I am ready to write but I want to share the short version of what we know now.

Baby Girl was born at 6lb8oz and with no warning and still with no explanation, she had a heart attack at birth.

What the fuck……

Seriously there are no other words.

She was taken from McMaster University Hospital to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto when she was only hours old and hooked up to ECMO ( life support/Heart and Lung machine) and she remained on that for 5 days. We didn’t know if she would make it for those first few days, or what had even really happened. 

All we did know was that she was a fighter….a warrior…..a true super hero.

Nora Daye 6 lb 8 oz

Koa Grey 4 lb 12 oz