Long run day and I cancelled my Overtime!

I cancelled my Overtime shift for today!!!! It was a easy 0600-1400 Shift


I know! Easy money……But I just needed to be off today. Tomorrow is supposed to rain and I work all weekend so today is really my only chance to get my long run in this week.

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10k Race Recap! And no froyo for me………

Not gonna lie! I was pretty pumped for this run today! I was up at 6:30 ……..giphyreadySure am…….Before I left I packed up some goodies for me and KFG

Power Balls A Protein Shake Water and Pre Work-out

My stomach was feeling a bit off and I have been getting cramps while running lately, so I decided to just have a small snack…..

Ezekiel bread with chocolate PB and 1/2 a banana

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