Toenails are for Sissies

I remember seeing this sign being held up by someone on my very first half marathon and I started laughing to myself……Love it!


As soon as I increase my to over 25 miles a week I start losing toenails…..



If you aren’t a runner you might say gross, but I know a lot of you are giggling cause you know exactly what I mean here.

This isn’t as bad as it gets at all but still not pretty to look at. When I was last marathon training I had approximately 6.4 toe nails left by race day……..

I do like seeing the look on the poor ladies face when I go in for a pedicure and whip there puppies out……yikes

I am not sure if this means my shoes are too big, too small, too tight ect….Maybe its how I am stepping….I don’t know. But it sure does make it hard to rock a peep toe.

If anyone has any tips to prevent/heal this I would love to know so I don’t have to stick my toes in the sand all summer!

Upcoming Runs

I am looking forward to some runs that are coming up.

April 26 I have The Brantford Classic -5k Run This is more of a Fun run!

May 3 Is the Goodlife Fitness 1/2 Marathon I am running this with my best friend Kelly. Looking forward to it since I haven’t done a 1/2 marathon race in a couple years!


This is the face I make before every race……It helps, I swear

May 10 Kelly, Myself and a few people from work will be doing the Sporting Life 10K Apparently this is known as Canada’s easiest and one of the fastest 10K’s anywhere! I better PR!


September 25-27 I have been chosen (I am so surprised I was picked) to participate in The National Peace Officer’s Memorial Run It is such an honor to participate in this run. I will be on a team of 24 peace Officers throughout the Province (Officers come from all over the country in teams of 24) It starts in Toronto and lasts for three days, ending up in Ottawa at Parliament Hill. I will be responsible to run 2 10km legs in less then one hour each of the three days. This run is primarily to honor and pay tribute to Officers who have fallen in the line of duty. I am really looking forward to this run. Hopefully I am in physically able to do this, I have never something like this before. I may try to sneak out of the hotel after the first day……..


Goodness knows I have tried to escape before the start of a run before!

Hoping to fit a few more runs in throughout the summer months!