The front seat’s broken and the axel’s dragin’

Since we were up until the wee hours of the morning on Friday night/Saturday morning I was kinda rushed to get everything done before we headed to KFG’s house for the fish fry!  Staying up way to late and having wayyyy too much wine=dehydration and dragging my ass to get out the door!


I sat on the front step for about 10 minutes before I got up the energy to leave…..It was about 25C and the sun was shining so that helped!

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A great run, Sorbeto, Wine and other random nonsense

Ahhhhhh!!!! Its the weekend!

I was able to get in some weight workouts on Wednesday and Thursday after work……The weather has been amazing this week! On Wednesday I went to San Remo’s on lunch break to get some Sorbeto (Dairy free Gelato) with my partner from work……


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My Frostbitten Garden and a HIIT Run

Someone got a little cocky and planted her garden a week or two earlier then normal!



I knew the temperature was dropping so I covered the Vegetable Garden 3 nights in a row with tarps…..Apparently it wasn’t enough and my pretty garden went from this……

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Long Weekend Kicked Off with a 8KM run!

This     Has    Been     Quite     A     Week

But now……..

It’s the Freakin’ Weekend……


Soooo….Just to recap…….

Sunday’s Sporting Life 10K was last weekend……… It was and wasn’t a PR run……either way is was a really fun day and I am looking forward to doing it again next year.


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Runners Logic: I’m Tired……I Think I’ll Go For A Run

just run

After work today I was exhausted! Even though I only worked 6-2 I was just beyond tired, but I had already planned on doing a 10k when I got home.


I changed out of my uniform at work and into my running clothes so that I didn’t even have to go into the house except to drop off my bag. Because if I sat down even for a minute that run wasn’t happening!


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