Matcha Green Tea Latte and I need some Motivation…….

This week has been a bit of a write off. Starting the week off exhausted just had me completely out of routine and lacking motivation.


I did do 4 runs outside this week but they were all pretty short…..No long run for me this week! 2 of the runs were at work with one of my partners…The other two were this weekend on my days off……

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My Frostbitten Garden and a HIIT Run

Someone got a little cocky and planted her garden a week or two earlier then normal!



I knew the temperature was dropping so I covered the Vegetable Garden 3 nights in a row with tarps…..Apparently it wasn’t enough and my pretty garden went from this……

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TGIS…..Just Kidding, I work this weekend!


I always get caught up in everyone’s TGIF posts on Facebook and Instagram….but every other weekend I get a reality check when I realise I have to work Saturday and Sunday….booo…..hissss…..fml and all that other shit….Although this weekend isn’t so bad because I took Sunday off for the 10K run…..Just have to get through today!

Usually at work I run around all day like a lunatic but Friday I literally sat on my caboose all day……..


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Sunday Funday……Sushi and Cupcakes

Sunday was definitely the coldest day of the weekend, so spent a bit more time inside.  I was able to get some things around the house done and get ready for the work week……

I also made some Cupcakes for a co-workers Birthday tomorrow!



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I Run like a Girl……and I love it!

I LOVE THIS WEATHER! It has been so nice for the past few days and it just makes me want to be outside all the time. I was able to beg convince my friend Julie to go for a trail run with me after work today!

I got home from work and grabbed a quick snack because I knew we weren’t running until 5pm so I couldn’t hold out that long!


Been craving this stuff so I finally had a small bowl with some almond milk! My favorite pre run treat! Then I was off to get my nails done before meeting Julie at her Mothers house. Julies mom said she would watch the little one (Julie’s son) so we could go running!

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