I ran 8 KM Friday, 10 KM Saturday (yesterday) and since I have to work Monday-Wednesday 12 Hour shifts I figured I would go ahead and get my long run in today……….16KM


I mapped out a lovely and scenic route that I had never done before………


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Monday can bite me…..and race results

The results from yesterdays race were posted last night. According to the official stats I finished at 53:14 with a pace of 5:20 per km or 8:34 per mile. I finished 9 out of 28 in my age group and 58 out of 183 overall. Not many people ran the 10k compared to the 5k, which had 1500 runners.


We have our next 10k on May 10th. It is a easier course so I am hoping to hit 50-51 minutes……



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When 13 Miles turns into 10 Miles!


I am so sick of the treadmill……Just thinking about doing more then 5 miles triggers my gag reflux….I am constantly whining to KFG(That’s what we will call my best friend Kelly for convenience sake…mmm..k!) about this hate for the treadmill. So why I just heard about the free indoor track 5 minutes from her house JUST NOW is beyond me! (This info would have been particularly useful the summer I was marathon training and running in 40C weather and throwing up from heat stroke and being chased by violent birds…….just sayin!)

Friday morning I picked KFG up and we headed to the track. I was hoping we would do 13 Miles but time wise I knew it wasn’t happening before we even started. I still felt good about 10 Miles and set that as a goal. The track was quite nice, very easy running surface, although the track goes around a hockey rink so its a bit cool.

IndoorTrack_600pxIt was really busy. Lots of walkers mostly. The track is 7.5 laps on the outside track to equal 1 Mile…..sigh….only 75 laps to make up the 10 Miles! I didn’t tell KFG how many laps as I think she would have told me to shove it!

All in all I would say the run went well. We averaged about 5 min 35 sec KM (9 min Miles). It was a nice slow pace run, it would have been harder to go much faster as the track was quite busy and we would have ended up snowplowing women and children off the track (this would probably be frowned upon).

IMG_2539IMG_2537My old school Garmin never lets me down! I just can’t seam to let it go and get a newer model. Once the run was done we went off to the side of the track to do some push ups.


People always think we are a bit weird taking pictures of odd things……I always want to yell out “I am not a weirdo narcissist I am just a blogger!) I think I may have that printed on the back of all my running shirts.

IMG_2553My push ups are improving. I really need to get this 10 lbs of winter weight off. Definitely feeling a bit soft.

IMG_2557IMG_2558All in all it was a good run. If I didn’t have to rush home to get to work for 3pm I know we could have pumped out the last 3 Miles . We both felt pretty good at the end of the run, so I have no doubt we will do a 13 Miles soon.



I know I know…….So dramatic!