Liebster Award

Liebster Award!


How fun! I have been nominated for my first blog award from SEMI-SWEET TOOTH!  Check her out!

I feel so fancy being nominated!

award 2What?……… Too much?

Anyways…….For the official rules CLICK HERE, I will be nominating 10 of my favorite blogs! (How will I choose!? So many great ones)

Q: What encouraged you to start a blog?

A: I used to blog on blogger. I loved it and was working very hard on designing my page. Well apparently I did something wrong and blogger locked my blog from being seen! WTF! I was so upset. I continued to read blogs for the next couple years until they unlocked it 2 years later! When it was unlocked all my hard work was gone and they had reset it to basic formatting. I tried to get it back up and running but it wasn’t the same and I was so discouraged. So I moved over here to work press a couple weeks ago and am really loving the community so far! Great blogs everywhere!

Q: What is your favorite part about blogging?

A: I love reading so many great blog! I look forward to the days when I can sit down with a cup of coffee early in the morning and catch up on what everyone is up to!

Q: What is the meaning behind your blog name?

A: Well Tipsy Runner kind of speaks for itself! I love running and I love wine! (I try not to enjoy them at the same time buy hey never say never)  

awardQ: What is one thing you miss from your childhood?

A: I miss being taken care of. I grew up in a small town and there was always someone there when I needed them! My Parents, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Friends the list goes on. Everyone knew your name, where you lived and where you were supposed to be/what you were allowed to be doing! We had the run of the whole town as kids. Fishing, swimming, skating, baseball, horseback riding…..anything we wanted to do. And because we knew everyone it was safe and fun. The street lights were my calling to go home! I loved it!

Q: Do you prefer coffee or tea?

A: I work 12 hour shifts, getting up at 4am. I am a coffee girl. I try to keep it to 2 a day, but it can be the one thing keeping my sanity. We love coffee at work, seriously at 6 am the first thing someone says everyday is “who is going for coffee later?”


Q: What is something that is an important part of your morning routine?

A: My CLA and L’Carnitine. I think this is more important then my coffee. It wakes me up and gets me going!

Q: What is your favorite clothing item?

A: All of my LULU stuff. I know it can be expensive, and there has been some controversy with them lately buy damn the clothes just fit so well! And they last forever!!

Q: What is your favorite season?

A: Without a doubt or moment of hesitation SUMMER.


I really used to love winter, but since I moved to the city I have no use for it. I just love Summer !

Q: If you could take a weekend trip somewhere, where would it be?

A:  I would love to scoot down to the Bahamas for the weekend. (You got me thinking about summer now)

Q: Must have beauty product?

My OBAGI skin care line. It has done absolute wonders for my skin! I can not even begin to explaine what a life changer this product is!

I would like to nominate the following blogs……….keep it going!

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Looking forward to reading all your responses!