I’m no fun and a Baby Shower Tea Party

Since my last post a lot has happened but nothing has happened ….if that makes any sense…….

not really.gif

Just stay with me here…ok

The weather has been unbelievable and I was running outside everyday at the first of the month!


Totally was! Then it all came to a screeching halt! I went for a beautiful Saturday morning run (Pictured here of course)


After this run I headed to a specialist appointment (yes on a weekend) and was told NO more running! Or working out at all for that matter…….For the next 4 weeks! Minimum…..So not working and no working out for the whole month……WTF and I supposed to do all day now????


Seriously? If one more SOB says this to me I swear………

I have been keeping busy around the house…..organising, cleaning and setting up some Christmas stuff……

KFG and I have also been working on our  good friend HK’s baby shower since early October. Sunday was the big day! We had rented out a Café called The Hawthorne Café…..this adorable little spot in Milton Ontario. The owners Matt ands Carrie are just fantastic, accommodating wonderful people! The really made this a zero stress event for KFG and Me…..I was actually able to enjoy the shower and visit with everyone!

We decided on an old fashioned tea party as the theme so we dusted off the old school tea cups and my moms homemade vintage platters…….

Some of the tea cups we brought…aren’t they pretty!


The Café did a few platters of Panini’s for us which was great! I made three different kind of tea sandwiches and some Vanilla bean scones and Strawberry spread, and one of HK’s friends brought some Wontons and Dip and Caprese skewers……..


We ended up with close to 35 ladies so it was definitely a full house!

HK had a great time and was in her glory!


It was great having this event at a Café….it gets rid of most of the prep/cleanup and the décor was so adorable we didn’t even have to decorate….I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Baby HK is due in February!

Say it ain’t so!!!!

Ok….So I finished my National Peace Officer Memorial run about 2 weeks ago…..110KM in 54 Hours!


Yeah not too bad!

After a couple days I was 100% and ready to get out for a rip!……..

But there was just one problem……..


I am not ALLOWED to run for the next 8 weeks!

Say what????

tell you

UGH……So this is mostly why I haven’t blogged much in the past two weeks because I am really struggling with what to do…..This (for the most part) is a Running and Fitness blog…….well running/weights/healthy recipes/and some events ect…….but Running and fitness are my main focus and I don’t want to change this so I am not going to get all off track with my side story here. I just want to say that I have not “quit” running I am just not Medically able to be running/working out right now………And won’t be able to until the end of November! It has only been 2 weeks and I am going crazy already!

So now that I have explained myself I feel better! I am going to continue with healthy recipes/events as per usual for now!


Ok ok…….

I will be really focusing on my nutrition and clean eating for the next bit, especially not being able to run…….For some reason I always feel better about a treat when I am running 50-60KM a week……..

No running=No crap eating!

National Peace Officer Memorial Run-Day 3

Day 1 and Day 2 of the National Peace Officer Memorial Run had went off without a hitch and all my self doubt was pretty much gone! This was no where near as hard as I thought it was going to be……

dont know


I think I thought I would be hiding in a ditch somewhere by the end of the first day! But the positive and supportive atmosphere carried me through all my runs thus far!!!

When I woke up Day 3 my quads were SCREAMING at me!

im out

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