20 weeks and counting 

So we are more then half way through this pregnancy (will only be going until about 36 weeks as it is twins ) and I have to say it has been both the slowest 5 months and the quickest 5 months of my life!


Ugh…..Yeah……It does actually……..

I have been so worried every step of the way when in reality this has been a fairly smooth and uneventful pregnancy so far…….

No bleeding, no morning sickness…….


Oh don’t worry…..I am definitely having my share of side effects but nothing concerning……..Mostly I have had crazy headaches, back pain, constant peeing and most recently heartburn….oh and wait for it…….I have already gained 25 pounds+! Fun! I really can not complain though……


Nah….I wouldn’t trade any of it for a million dollars!  I just can’t wait to have these little ones in my arms. Healthy and happy.

And just in case you were hoping to see weekly bump pictures……here ya go!

Isn’t it nice to see that the weight has been distributed ALL over my body….not just centre mass…..cause you know what would just give me a cute baby bump and pfffff who needs that!

A couple weeks ago I got impatient waiting for my next Ultrasound and decided to book a private scan on a Sunday morning……When you are an IVF patient all the mystery and surprise is taken out of this whole process and I really wanted a little bit of that back…….So I headed to the scan at 9am on a Sunday and told nobody except Shane……US was quick and with genders sealed in envelopes I headed to the party store and had 4 giant balloons blown up. 2 Blue and 2 Pink……We were headed to the beach with Shane’s cousin and his girlfriend for the day and I had an idea……



So long story short we did a mini gender reveal at the beach…….Mark opened the envelopes and without looking up he told us what balloon each to release…..The pictures are literally when we found out the genders of the twins!Baby 2

One boy and one girl!



Such a happy day!




24 thoughts on “20 weeks and counting 

  1. This is the most beautiful update. A boy and a girl. What a perfect gift. Glad your pregnancy is going smoothly. Can’t believe you’re more than half way through already. They’ll be in your arms in no time! ❤ ❤


  2. Lovely post and lovely bump pictures! You look beautiful. Funny how one day it just pops and there it is! I haven’t caught up on my blogging but now I am done work, Yay! So I will soon. 😀


  3. Congratulations! What a beautiful reveal.
    I didn’t get morning sickness either so I am eagerly awaiting the onslaught of other horrific symptoms to make up for my smooth sailing so far.


  4. I couldn’t sleep and hadn’t been on my blog feed for a while. Thought I’d check out how people were doing so far on their fertility journey and came across your posts! I remember you and I conceiving around the same time. And now we are BOTH expecting boy/girl twins! This is so exciting. Such a blessing. Not too long now! Good luck with the next few weeks and with delivery.


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