Big tings…..Literally

I was holding off writing until we told our families our news!


No seriously! I didn’t trust myself to blog and not spill the beans!

So now most people know I wanted to share here!

This is how I told my Mom and Step-Dad last weekend and my Dad today!


Once I heard Twins I jumped the gun and bought an SUV…..but didn’t tell anyone….So when they got to my house of course they wanted to check out the new ride! And these were inside!



10 Weeks 1 Day- Starting to show already!


So Mother’s day is tomorrow and we are telling Shane’s Mother….She has ZERO idea that we are pregnant….let alone that it is Twins!

Can’t wait to tell her!


Running doesn’t seem to be in my near future, my Doctor definitely isn’t endorsing anything that rises my internal temperature or heart rate too high…….. What can you do…….I miss it so much….especially now that it is getting nice out. But I wouldn’t trade this for all the running in the world! I look forward to training again after the Babies come!

18 thoughts on “Big tings…..Literally

  1. OMG!!! Two at once after everything you have been through! What a blessing!!! That is so amazing! Congratulations!!!!


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