Holy Shit it Worked!

They tell you not to POAS….But seriously……


3DP5DT I POAS and nada….


Even though logically there was no way there would be a second line I still did it and put myself in a mood all day…….ugh……And the next morning I figured….oh well….WTF I might as well keep going……So POAS and went into the shower…..Came out and there was a very faint (like hold up to the light to see) second line!


And thus started my 7 day morning POAS ritual…….. It was amazing to see the line get darker every day!

Sunday March 20 was BETA day-Up early and off to the clinic-BETA came back at 188.5!

They want it to double between 48-72 hours……

Today was second BETA came back at 603.3!



Sure effin is!

No more BETA’s ….Ultrasound scheduled for April 12 2016……

And just for my general amusementΒ my POAS progression…..


Not really sure what to do with myself…I am under STRICT instruction NO RUNNING or weight training…..fuck…..Looks like walking is my new best friend…..












37 thoughts on “Holy Shit it Worked!

  1. OMG GRATS!!

    What’s the reasoning behind the no running/no lifting? Is it just your doc being cautious? If so, they usually lift this restriction when you’re released to an OBGYN, so hopefully you won’t have to walk for long!


  2. Good woman! πŸ™‚ Keep us updated, I bet you cant wait for the ultrasound, it’s just around the corner!


  3. Congratulations!! I had a hard time adjusting to no running. It wasn’t until I was released to my OBGYN that I could start running again. Hope you can get back to your regimen soon.


  4. CONGRATULATIONS!!! This is such huge news. I’m so pumped to keep following. πŸ™‚

    P.S. Just as a quick FYI, Semi-Sweet Tooth is no longer on WordPress, so you’ll have to click to resubscribe to stay up to date on all the fun! A lot of hard work, but so far it’s been a worthwhile change. πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I said the same thing, holy shit it worked. Lol! Also peed on like 14 sticks in 10 days just to see it get darker. Also kept them all, gross, I know, but I think everyone does. Haha


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