Yeah, yeah….I’m fine

It’s been a long effin week……..A good week…..but a long ass week!

We transferred 2 of our Embryos March 12 around 10am

Crazy how attached you can get to a little ball of cells isn’t it! The one on the left is our 2AA, I believe, and on the right is a 4AB….The 2AA looks like its trying to make a break for it! We did assisted hatching on both since neither were hatching on their own when they thawed……Everything seamed to go well…….

Today I am 7 days past 5 Day Transfer (7DP5DT)….BETA test is supposed to be tomorrow, but the feeder clinic that is close to me is closed on the weekend and I am not too keen (yeah I said keen) on driving across the city on a Sunday morning so I will wait until Monday (even though an extra 24 hours seams like FOREVER).

So what DID I do all week you ask?


Pretty fucking much!

Don’t judge me…..

Lots of errands were done, shopping and visiting….and since it was the March break week we organised a trip to the Sugar Bush! Too bad it was terrible weather! We still went though….the kids were pretty pumped so we couldn’t break their little hearts! The rain did hold off until we left so we cant complain too much! I rented a kid for the day (not really but I definitely borrowed my friend Julies 2 year old)


How flippin cute is he!!!!!

We took the tractor to the pancake hut and had fresh pancakes and syrup….then went to see the farm animals……ended up at the gift shop and got some syrup to take home….All in all a good day!


Diana and her cousin were there as well but they took the baby in the car over to the pancake shack since it was too cold!

Thursday was St Patrick’s Day….I went to Kelly’s for the day……We went to this cute spot called The Healthy Rabbit….. Loved the whole vibe……

Wanna see a $16 Smoothie?

I know you do!


Insane eh! Since it was St Paddy’s Day the green smoothies were 2for1 at least…….It was delicious….but SERIOUSLY…….$16??

So all in all a good week….minus several tearful breakdowns at random things…….

I really, really, really miss running and the gym…..(and fitting into my clothes……Estrogen is such a Bitch)

2 more days till BETA










8 thoughts on “7DP5DT

  1. Good luck on your BETA! I can’t believe how patient you are to wait until Monday. I would HAVE to drive across town on Sunday if there was a chance at knowing earlier. But then again patience is not a virtue I possess πŸ™‚


  2. $16 smoothies? What was in those bad boys? They look tasty though. So, will you start running again after the 2ww? I miss it too. Loved the photos from your post. Looks like you had a good trip, even though it was raining. And how cute was your lil rent-a-kid hehe. It must be nice to have friends who have kiddies you can help take care of. I’ve only read this post of yours so far. I wonder if you’ve felt any symptoms during your 2ww. Positive vibes only.


    • The smoothie was crazy. Had everything from spirulina to matcha to peppermint greens ( I don’t even know what that one is !). It was delicious though ! I don’t know what to do about the running. My RE is pretty adamant about no running or working out the whole time but that seams extreme. So frustrating. I always wanted to be that pregnant girl who ran until she was in labor! Sucks. I feel pretty normal so far!!.


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