We are cleared for takeoff!

Just a quick update:

So after a couple months of set backs we are finally a go for our FET! Feels like that took forever!



If there is one thing fertility treatments will teach you it is patience……..Patience and how to be a lunatic…….



Since doing treatment straight through since October 2015, I am bloated, and cant even wear most of my clothes…… I am bitchy and emotional…..I am not allowed to workout like normal and Vacation was a no go this year (Zika Virus)….We have spent over $15,000 in treatments (thank god our medications are covered or we would be in another $10,000 by now)…..Yeah all that sucks but you know what would be worse? Giving up….I can’t face that so we will keep going!

My transfer is scheduled for tomorrow morning, March 12 at 9:10am…….My lining finally cooperating and was already at 9.5 on Monday and triple striped!

BETA test should be around March 20. I am looking forward to having a couple weeks off work to visit with some friends and do things around the house……

And in other breaking news!


Our basement is under reno…….Still…….


Yeah pretty much…….Feels like this is taking forever! All the electrical, plumbing and framing is done…….Today is insulation and drywall…….That should be done by Tuesday…..

Hoping things move along faster now that the hard stuff is done……We have some custom items being made and I really can’t wait to see how everything comes together!


Me too!!!!

Today is my last run before the transfer! And it is a beautiful day here! I am really loving the weather…….All the snow is gone!!!! Eff you Winter!













5 thoughts on “We are cleared for takeoff!

  1. Ooooh Good luck with transfer!!! Looks like we are in the waiting game together. My blood test is 18/3 😬. I truly hope you get your wish and no more set backs! Enjoy your run 🙏🏻🌺☺️ xx


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