Just wait another month…..NBD

We were hoping February would be our month…..Finally….We have been waiting since our cancelled cycle in December but alas it wasn’t meant to be this month……again


Dr. S (our RE) was dead set he wanted me to do  a HSG Test (he wanted to make sure there was no fluid leaking from my tubes as this could have caused my December miscarriage) and since you can’t do this test in the same cycle as a FET our hands were tied…..and so we wait.

I went Thursday for the test and every thing came back just fine….again…..By no means am I disappointed, it can just be frustrating when everything comes back clear on every test and all the Doctor can say is “unexplained infertility”…….

Our transfer should be around March 15…..Fingers crossed we have all the ducks in a row this time…….

The only bright spot is that I have been cleared to workout until my next cycle starts.



Last weekend was Shane’f BFF’s Birthday…..


Omar! One of my favorite people!

We went downtown Toronto to Liberty Village and it was fantastic! Huge turnout and even KFG made it out!

Isn’t my BFF pretty!


Nothing like dressing up and shaking your tail feather (what’s left of mine that is) to raise your spirits!



It was great to get out with Shane and some of our great friends and just be ourselves for a couple hours!


It was a fun night!

I hit the gym for a 8km (5mile) HIIT run this morning…..My running is pretty good right now but my muscle has definitely decreased the past couple months…..It was a struggle to pump out 20 push ups…..sigh……

Tomorrow is supposed to be 5C (41F) out….this is amazing for February in Toronto! Since there is zero snow here right now, I am going to attempt to do an outdoor run tomorrow! Hoping the weather holds out…..it would be great to get some fresh air!

Super Bowl 50 tomorrow so lots to do!






10 thoughts on “Just wait another month…..NBD

  1. Ugh, I hate waiting too! Especially when you thought it’d be this month. It looks like you already have a plan for the wait, at least – that’s exactly what I did last time, throw myself into the gym. Time’s gonna pass, might as well get buff. ❤


  2. Waiting sucks!! Have you asked your doctor if he does any protocols for an overactive immune system or natural killer cells? You might want to ask, it can’t hurt anyway. Shoot me an email if you want any info. I miss running!


    • I took Prednisone during my last FET and will again next month…….So much medication! Please pass on any info you may think helpful! Ill take any help I can get….I do have a super strong immune system as well so who knows if this is a contributing factor or not…..Any suggestions for this?
      Congrats to you by the way! Amazing and I hope everything is going well so far!!

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      • For the immune issues he had me do an intralipid IV 5 days before, a week after my bfp, and every 6 weeks after. He also has me on heparin injections for clotting issues. I took estrace and progesterone. Will continue progesterone til 36 weeks. Yep it’s alot of meds for sure. I took medrol not prednisone. Who knows what worked but it was a kitchen sink approach! Feeling pretty good now, nausea pretty much gone, back to work on light duties. I think of you often and really hope this is the year for you guys!


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