Lil update…..and I am allowed to run! *sort of

I have been given to go ahead to do some “light” workouts!


Well I will tell you!

For the next two weeks I can do 5K (ish) runs and some weight training. Nothing too heavy, no distance running and NO HIIT training.

I have never been so excited! It is great to have some normalcy added to my day……Especially now since starting today I am off work for the next month!


I am sure I will figure something out!

After almost 4 weeks off I wasn’t sure how that first run would go……..I was pleasantly surprised and I held a 5:45KM pace for the whole 5 KM with minimal effort….It was a nice leisurely run and I truly enjoyed it……..Nothing like having something taken away from you to make you truly appreciate it! So I have been alternating running and Body Pump classes and definitely feeling better………The weather here have been fantastic for November and I am so happy to have the extra time to run outside before the snow starts to fly and I am forced into the gym and onto that damn dreadmill!

Post 5KM run

In other breaking news……

We weren’t planning on doing anything special for Halloween, I had to work till 7PM so I didn’t really see the point……But Shane got the bright idea that we should head to the neighbourhood costume party……


Yeah I wasn’t very impressed…….especially since he told me the day before……

Gee….thanks……Can’t wait………


So I rushed home and threw myself together and we headed across the street for a bit…….


Our neighbours Jamie and Tracey are great …..Shane and Jamie have been friends since they were teenagers so it was great when they moved across the road.

Jamie and Shane

So I did end up having a good time after all……..We stayed at the party for a couple hours and then ended up at Their house until almost 2 am…….That’s wayyyyyy past my bedtime!

So over all the next two weeks I will be doing some fun stuff……. organising around the house, working out and having some lunch dates and some not so fun Medical Appointments and procedures………

Lets do this!

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