On a break!

This no working out thing SUCKS!

Pair that with being off work for a couple weeks……..

problemI know!!!!

I am definitely keeping busy, but lets face it……There is only so much shopping, lunche dates, pedicures, and car selfies one girl can take!


Don’t get me wrong it has been great living a life of leisure but I miss my normal hustle and all the adrenalin that goes with it……So definitely feeling a bit down and needing something to raise my spirits!


Sorry it is just who I am………

In an attempt to get some of those happy feelings flowing I started Acupuncture yesterday. I loved it, my Doctor really knows her stuff and I can’t wait to go back again!

Food has been pretty basic and boring…….Lunch today was WW Tortilla with some homemade hummus, tomato, cucumber, red onion and some feta……..


I don’t make hummus very often because I will just eat it steady until it is gone…..I can not control myself when it is in the house…..


It is shameful really…….

I am also fairly obsessed with those veggie fresh rolls, but at least they are just vegetables in rice paper(pictured with the wrap). I don’t make them I get them at Sobey’s or Fortino’s (grocery stores) and they aren’t cheap! I have tried making them but its just not the same……..

Shane went for a run this morning before he went to work and I was SO EFFIN Jealous……I really really wanted to go but I am going to listen to instructions for once in my life and refrain…….Hell maybe I don’t know everything!


No it’s true!

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