National Peace Officer Memorial Run-Day 3

Day 1 and Day 2 of the National Peace Officer Memorial Run had went off without a hitch and all my self doubt was pretty much gone! This was no where near as hard as I thought it was going to be……

dont know


I think I thought I would be hiding in a ditch somewhere by the end of the first day! But the positive and supportive atmosphere carried me through all my runs thus far!!!

When I woke up Day 3 my quads were SCREAMING at me!

im out

Umm………I need you for a few more hours!

We met at the Courthouse for the 8am run……


I ran with Noel (another work colleague) this run….


It was quite chilly out…….

One of my favorite moments from the whole three days happened about 3 KM into this run…..I could hear bag pipes and thought I was loosing it for a minute……

lost itI thought so for a minute, but then Noel told me about the lone Bag Piper that stands and waits for us on the side of the highway…..He plays until we pass by and every year he waits………As we approached I actually got goose bumps from the music….I love Bag Pipes…..Must be my Scottish roots!

The entire group pulled of the run to surround the Bag Piper for a few minutes……So amazing! I loved it!


OK…..back to business! We finished off the run in a very scenic spot!


Lake Ontario in late September? Talk about a all natural ice bath!


Our next leg was at 10am… was a rush to make it to the starting point! It was still pretty chilly as we were so close to the water!

This was such a wonderful group to run with it! The were fast sons of bitches though!!!! Tijana and I paced this group and the energy was high…..This was the run that put me over 100KM in just over 48 hours!

One of the runners had brought a speaker and played music for the 10KM….we all laughed and sang it was great! Especially since this was a rough leg to run……..rolling hills! We were pretty happy and doing a bit of a countdown to the 10KM mark……and 10 KM came and went…..we were looking for the finish point and it wasn’t anywhere to be found……seriously…..WTF…..

This 10KM leg ended up being close to 11KM……May not seam like a big deal but at this point in time I felt every step of that extra Kilometre….Who measured this?????


Ok maybe this is a bit harsh but shit son!

One more 7KM group run  to parliament hill to go…….


We took off across the street from Carleton University and Shane’s little brother started school there this Fall……So Shane and Emerson were there to see us off!

We took a few pictures…..

Tijana, Skippy and myself before the last run
My team
All 300 runners

We started the run to Parliament Hill with the SOLE (Survivors of Law Enforcement) runners…….I met up with Jen and Piere about 1KM in…..


I stuck with them and chatted the whole run in! I haven’t seen Jennifer in over 5 years so it was great to catch up even if it was during the run!


The run was super scenic and brought back memories from when I lived and ran in Ottawa years ago! We pulled up to the hill and nothing could have prepared me for the reception we were about to get! WOW


IMG_2168 IMG_2170

There was a small service to welcome the runners



Back to the hotel we went to get ready for the Banquette ……I took no more pictures …….my Quads were on fire and my knees were locking…….Stairs weren’t my friend and going down them was interesting!


It was time to stuff my face and go to bed! Some people went out for drinks…..Not this girl!  Two glasses of wine and I was in the bed for the night!

54 Hour running total…..

109.4 KM!


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