National Peace Officer Memorial Run-Day 2

After Day 1-running 40KM, I thought I would be sore on the morning of Day 2, but I woke up feeling great and excited to run! I was the most excited about this day of running because I would be running through areas that I grew up in. Plus my Mom would be joining me for a couple KM through Kingston!

My only “issue” would appear to be not drinking enough on Day 1 + Taking salt pills= One puffy face!


Jeez Louise!


I downed about a liter of water, ate half a bagel and two boiled eggs and took a coffee to go!

It was a bit chilly but not too bad. We did a 10KM leg at 8 am, it was a good group. We ran a nice 5:45-5:50 KM Minute pace and the group stayed tight together.



I felt great after the first 10KM and wanted to just double up and keep going for another leg but unfortunately on Day 2 we had multiple legs starting at the same time so we weren’t meeting up with another group, as they had already left our end point. Oh well……

Loved seeing our 4 legged friends on the runs!
That’s my Dad right behind me!

We started our second leg at 11am through Napanee, but wouldn’t be running the whole thing because we were stopping downtown. The Correctional Officers from the local jail were throwing a BBQ for us and since my Dad is the Warden of the Jail there he wanted to stop and see his people.




I love that I wore my bright pink shoes! Made it easier to find myself in a lot of the photos!

We couldn’t stay for long since we were running at 1pm again so we loaded up and headed out!


The next leg was through Kingston and the one my Mom was meeting up for! She was quite nervous. She used to be a runner but hasn’t run in years! I didn’t care how many KM she was going to run as long as she was there, even for a minute! She met up with us at the starting point for the Kingston leg……

My Mom and Me!

I knew this was a hard 10KM, elevation wise but holy shit! My Mom ran for a couple KM and then pulled off to the side. She was picked up by some RCMP widows who were following the run through town. They took her back to her car… was nice to have her run with me!

We ran through downtown Kingston……Love this city it is so pretty! I had been hearing all these stories of the dreaded “hill from hell” at KM 7……Tijana and I were up front of the group with the pacers, I saw the 900 Meter incline up ahead…..oh boy…….As we started to run up it I almost felt this magnetic pull……We crushed the hill at a 5:20KM pace!


yep!…….Felt great!

Next leg was at 3pm through The 1000 Islands  I was so excited for this scenic leg of the run! Such a beautiful place!


Here is me and my Dad before my 1000 Island Leg of the run! (And right before I peed in the bush)…..


Nooooo….in the bush…..there is a difference!

Now keep in mind when we tagged in and took off at 3pm I had already ran 40 KM the day before and about 25KM that day….So about 65 KM in 30 Hours……


AND……This group took off like a bat out of hell!!! Seriously WTF!


We are supposed to have a set pacer who keeps us steady but this guy was on crack! About 3 KM in I look at the pacers wrist and see this MO FO isn’t wearing a running watch!!!!


Tijana and I took over pacing the group for the rest of the leg! So 75 KM done and only one short 5 KM group run to do! IMG_2155I got to carry the banner in for this run (that’s me in the pink shoes). We were led in my a steel band on a float…..this was pretty cool!


Well until an old lady rolled off the float about 3 KM into the run…..


Nah….she was all good!

IMG_2157 IMG_2158 IMG_1937

We had a fantastic welcome in Brockville! I did another small video of us arriving at city hall……

Everyone headed to the hotel and I showered and washed out my shirts for the next day…..


Dinner was at the local Armories and by the time we got back to the hotel Shane had arrived…..He made the long drive up after work and I was glad to see him. At the end of the second day I was definitely starting to stiffen up and regretting not stretching/rolling enough……It was another early night to bed!

One more day!



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