National Peace Officer Memorial Run-Day 1

So if you have read my blog at all you have heard me mention the National Peace Officer Memorial Run a couple times


Oh come on!

I am a Peace Officer here in the City of Toronto, but this run had Officers from all over the country participating!

“The primary objective of the National Peace Officers’ Memorial ‘Run to Remember’ is to raise awareness and focus attention on the annual Police and Peace Officers’ Memorial Service.  The annual Service is held on the last Sunday of September in Ottawa with the run occurring over a three day period immediately preceding it.

The ‘Run to Remember’ is a 460 km relay  that makes it’s way through many communities between the start at the Ontario Police Memorial site in Toronto to the end at the National Memorial on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.  Not only does the run raise awareness about the Memorial Service it also gives peace officers and citizens along the route the opportunity to participate in some small way if they are unable to attend the actual Memorial Service.

For the runners that participate in the three day relay it is their way of fulfilling that pledge, that promise, that they will not forget those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in service of their community, their province and indeed their country. The long and sometimes gruelling hours of running allow the participants the opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices of those brave officers whose names are etched on the Memorial Wall in Ottawa and their families who have had to endure the pain of their loss.”-(Source

It is a cause I believe greatly in and was honored to have been chosen to be part of the team! I have been training all summer for this and was beyond excited for the three days to begin! My Dad was also chosen to be a runner so how amazing to be able to do this with him! He has definitely been an inspiration for me, especially when I was first started to run….He was always there with advise and support, and listened to my running woes when no one else wanted to! We have run many races together so I was very happy that he would be running next to me!



Ummm……Bite me

My day started at 4am (same as a regular work day) I showered and Shane loaded up the car……He dropped me off at the Peel Police Headquarters for 5:30am, where the bus was waiting!


Our specific team had 22 runners……We set off for Downtown Toronto, Queens Park


We arrived at Queens Park and got situated for the Opening Ceremony and first group run to 51 Division Station…..this is where the first 10KM leg would be ran from…….


We snapped a few pictures

Me and my Dad
Me and my work colleague Tijana…..Little did I know what a huge part of this experience this girl would be during the 3 days

Canadian Icon Don Cherry was there to send us off!


And away we go!



IMG_2137 IMG_2138

Over 300 people running through Downtown Toronto during Thursday morning rush hour is quite a site! It was a bit crowded and not a super fast pace….just a way to let everyone know we were starting our journey……Some members of SOLE (Survivors of Law Enforcement) also ran with us…….Reminding us why we were there in the first place….to honor our fallen Brother and Sisters.

We arrived at 51 Division and grabbed a small snack and then loaded up the bus to make it to our next leg of the run.


The runs our first day went fairly smoothly and as I came up this hill (600 Meter incline)


at the very end of my first 10KM run I had a bit of a realization…….


I was ready to kill this run! Like not even just do well, I was ready to kick it in the face! I know this run wasn’t about beating anyone or winning anything and as much as we were there as a team, I also had some personal goals I really wanted to hit. Initially I had set 90 KM in three days as my ultimate goal……and even though I was only a few KM into the run I knew without a doubt I would exceed this……

All those runs in the scorching heat and humidity had paid off! All that self doubt and negative self talk…..gone…..What a feeling to have so early in the run……The weather was perfect 18-22C (64-72F) for the whole three days (except for the early mornings) and with just the right breeze……..Amazing

For some reason running the legs in 10KM increments was great! I had about an hour between runs….just enough time to drink some water/G2 and have a small snack.

I was pretty overwhelmed with my surroundings the first day. I didn’t take many pictures just from being in pure awe of everything! There were some killer hills but, honestly, not to sound like a douche or anything but, I wasn’t fazed….the energy was exhilarating and I felt like it actually carried me at times, but I did manage to pull together a few photos……

I am in the middle-second row back
Second row again running with work partner Noel(on my left)….Seriously what’s up with my face?


As we arrived in Cobourg to do out last 5 KM team run to the Chris Garrett Memorial Park I realised that I would hit 40KM for my first day! Holy Shit!


Day 1 Success!

I made a short video of us arriving at the Memorial Park

We headed to the Hotel for a quick shower and then to the banquet dinner……IMG_1784The hunger was real!


After filling my face I went right to bed! I watched a couple episodes of My Big Fat Fabulous Life and fell asleep around 11pm!


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