Football and Diapers

One of Shane’s besties Omar has 2 beautiful daughters


On August 7th they finally welcomed their son


Even baby was so excited and showed up 10 weeks early!


Don’t worry! He was just fine……pretty little (3lbs 15oz) but perfectly healthy and only spent a few days in the hospital. We had been planning a diaper party on opening football Sunday (September 13) since he wasn’t due to arrive until mid October…..

But it all worked out because we got to have a special Guest of Honor!

IMG_0395 Baby Soroibe!

Opening Football Sunday is usually a big event here so tying it into a diaper party for Omar made it that much bigger! Best I could count I expected approximately 60 people!


I seam to have heard that somewhere before………..

With the menu planned, prep starting Friday and Shane as my helper we got started….


Everything made from scratch!

Some of the meat about to be prepped

IMG_1528 IMG_1529

The house was a bit of a write off while I was prepping but we managed to pull it off……Sunday I was lucky enough to have some more helpers show up early to pitch in!


I know!

Kids Candy Table/Cupcake Table
New Cupcake Flavour Cotton Candy

Unfortunately once people started showing up around 1:00 I was so busy I didn’t have much time for pictures……But don’t worry I was able to make time for a bit of wine…….


In reality maybe too much wine….I managed to jam my index toe on my right foot so bad I thought I broke it!


That shit hurts yo! My own fault for moving around to quickly!


Well there was that factor too……..

We did have a bouncy castle (15×15) for the kids….they loved it……

There was tons of food, drinks and laughs and lots of diapers and wipes brought!

Part of the pile!

I lost count at 70 people…….And the last guests rolled out around midnight!


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