15K……It’s so friggin hot out

I wasn’t sure what to do for these last few runs (Thursday, Friday and Sunday)….The NPOMR is only 1 week away!

I was going to  a 17K, and 2 10K’s…then I thought maybe a 20K a 5K and a 10K….I ended up deciding on 2 15K’S and a 10K on Sunday…….

What-the-fuck-are-you-talking-about-gifJust pay attention….it isn’t that difficult!

Yesterday morning somebody put the idea of pancakes in my head……so I threw together a protein pancake for my pre run meal…..


Meh…..I overcooked it…..it wasn’t that great……

I loaded up my Camelbak with ice and water, grabbed a gel pack (I hate these things but once in a while I give them a try again) and stepped outside…..


Holy shit……I didn’t think it was so hot!


ugh……Most of the run was on the back roads…..no shade….brutal!

I took my gel 7.5K  into the run…….yep…..still make me gag


The Camelbak worked great…..water stayed pretty cold the whole way and I held my anticipated slow run pace….6:15 per KM with no issue….


Gotta love the dirt line post run!
so hotI did have a bit of a headache for the rest of the day….probably from the heat so I rehydrated and relaxed for part of the afternoon…..


Supper was some Dill and Garlic Salmon with Sweet Potato…..

Gearing up for another 15K today!

Just finished a bowl of PB&J Oats





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