The straw that made me get a Camelbak!

One of the biggest challenges I have always had with my long runs is carrying enough water/liquid……I used to wear a hydration belt but I HATED it!


Soooooo annoying……So I found this hand held stainless steel water bottle from lulu lemon a couple years ago and have been using it ever since but,  It only holds about 600ML of liquid…..


Fine for 10 K Maximum (Depending on the heat and humidity)……This Summer, long runs have been particularly hard because of how hot it has been! The area I live in now also has no public fountains on any of my routes so refills are not an option…..I have been consistently running out of liquid part way through this summer and with nowhere to refill I am struggling to finish at times because of this…..


I finally said screw it and went to the running room and got a Camelbak……


It holds 2L of water and I can use an ice pack or even fill the bladder with ice cubes…….

So lets try this Bitch out!

After some PB and Jam on a Tortilla


I filled that sucker up with ice cubes and water turned on a new pod cast…….


And I was off!


14KM of heat and humidity…….But I didn’t run out of water AND best of all….it stayed cold!


I don’t know why I waited so long to get one of these….they are lightweight and non intrusive to my run……So definitely happy so far with it!

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