T-Shirt Curls

My hair has been curly since I was young and sometimes it drives me nuts! It is a pain in the ass to straighten and the humidity is definitely NOT my friend!

Remember when Monica went to Jamaica…….


Yeah that is pretty much right………

I don’t mind the curls but sometimes they can be a pain….It would be nice to just wake up and go once in a while!!

Then I saw this video

And thought……

can do


It’s a good look……No?


Either way…….I washed it around 3pm on a day off work……..I checked after about 7 hours and no dice…..still wet……So I just slept on it all night……

At 6AM I got up…..Had a quick shower (without getting the t-shirt wet obvi)…….

When I took the shirt off I literally just ran my fingers through it and ended up with this……

IMG_1089 IMG_1096

A little bit


But not bad…..Definitely a easy way to cut the frizz with minimal effort……If you have naturally curly hair give it a try! I would love to hear how it works for you and if you have success and tips or tricks you figure out!

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