Eva goes to JK!!!! and a Treadmill workout!


Me with Eva February 2011

They grow up so fast!!!!


My Goddaughter started school this week!!!!


Of course I had to be there to see her off to her first day!


I showed up at 7 am with Starbucks for everyone!!!!


Kelly made pancakes ….yumm! and then it was off to the races!


Dressed and ready! She couldn’t wait to get out the door! We dropped her off and hoped for the best!!!!


It was raining out so Kelly and I headed to the gym for a workout. (Apparently Kelly melts!!)

I had 6.5 KM (4Miles) on my calendar…….I HATE the treadmill but we got it in……Started at 6.5MPH to warm up and upped it .5MPH every 5 Minutes until l I hit 8.5 MPH. For the last Mile 30 second sprints at 10 MPH ……….

that all


We picked up Eva from her first day…..


She was pissed that we showed up! Wanted to take the bus!!!!!!

Poor Kelly…..Though she might cry!


So her first day was a success and she was stoked to go back!

Day 2
She will be running the class by the end of the week!

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