Trying to train hard for this National Peace Officer Memorial Run and trying to shed these Summer pounds is proving difficult.

If I could just cut the carbs right out it would be a piece of cake



But running 5-6 days a week I need the energy so restricting just wasn’t working. Now it is just trying to find a balance with eating just the right amount to support the runs but still drop a few pounds…..


So what have a been eating you may ask?

no one

Too bad……

Breakfast is either

Egg whites with veggies
Oats and berries

Lunches and Dinner are interchangeable depending on what I am working/running that day

Tilapia and collard greens
Halibut with peach salsa and sweet potato
Quinoa and bugler with curry
Panko Salmon with goat cheese, walnut and cranberry salad (Post long run)
Sweet potato with cottage cheese, Tilapia and zucchini

Giving the higher carb’s a chance here! Will revaluate in a week or so!

Last night after work we headed to the high school track across the street to do a quick run.

It’s a nice rubber track so easy on the knees!


5:30KM pace for 5KM………Not bad after a 12 hour shift!

Heading out for a 8 Mile slow run right now! Fingers crossed!


To the beach!

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