This running shit is hard and I went to the beach!

You would think after 10 years of running I would have gotten the hang of it by now!!!!!

Today….one of the hottest days of the year……

Why not run 8.5 miles at noon…..


No shit!

It freaking sucked all right!

We loaded up the car and met some friends at the Beach……I figured they could set up and I would head out for a run on the waterfront…….I’m thoughtful like that…….


Zip it!

As I was saying……..

I set out……


But this was all better in theory……

I seriously felt like I was melting…..


I made it somehow! Pace wasn’t the best but considering the heat I will take it! If it wasn’t for the heat I know I would have been faster…..Felt strong and had enough energy….It was just the intense beating sun and crazy humidity that slowed me down!

I ran out of water half way through …….I was just SO happy to get back and have a couple liters of ice water!

After changing into my bathing suit and having a nice cool swim I finally cooled down!

We relaxed in the sun……


Did a little people watching…….Until this happened…….



And then after a wardrobe change (seriously he changed his banana hammock 3 times!!!) he was back for another lap……



Seriously man!!! There are children here!!!!!

Anyways….I still managed to work up an appetite and we grilled up some goodies!

I had Zucchini and a Veggie Burger with all the trimmings!


So all in all it was a productive day!

8.5 Miles done and stayed on track with my meals!

22 Days until the National Peace Officer Memorial Run!

3 thoughts on “This running shit is hard and I went to the beach!

  1. […] Fine for 10 K Maximum (Depending on the heat and humidity)……This Summer, long runs have been particularly hard because of how hot it has been! The area I live in now also has no public fountains on any of my routes so refills are not an option…..I have been consistently running out of liquid part way through this summer and with nowhere to refill I am struggling to finish at times because of this….. […]


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