Jamrock Vacation Recap and….it is my 100th post!


whats up

Guess what……

This is my 100th Post on my New Blog! The Tipsy Runner!!!!

a game

Wellllll……that might be a bit of a stretch…….


Ok ok…..Getting on with it!

We got back from Jamaica on Sunday morning at 2am……..(We were having so much fun I barley took any pictures…..I just didn’t think about it….Now I am a bit sad!)

I think Shane was particularly happy to get back to Jamaica for a visit since his Mom grew up there (Dunns River Falls) he seems to have a strong connection with all things Jamaican!

We arrived in Montego Bay Tuesday around lunch time, and headed to the resort…….It was raining a bit on the way there….But no worries it cleared up by mid afternoon and the sun shone the rest of our vacation!


The view from our room was beautiful! It was great to wake up to the Ocean waves every morning!


It was great to relax and have no worries for 4 days! I could feel the stress drain out of my by the time we checked in!

I managed 2 out of 4 days to get to the gym……not bad!

Am I even awake yet?
We were up every morning around 630am so why not!

Managed to hit the beach everyday around 830am and stayed there till 1ish……

DSCF0846 DSCF0804

These were our seats for 4 days! What a view!

I read 2 books, swam for hours and drank way too many rum and waters!

It was perfect!

There was a great little Jerk Chicken spot right new to the beach and Shane was in love……..

Tastes of childhood I guess!

He got this shirt without trying it on and its about 2 sizes too big…..oh well I am REALLY good at shrinking things!
He ate it for lunch everyday……

There was always time for some pool/swim up pool bar in the afternoons and there was lots of entertainment going on until 500pm……


Fun fun!

Dinner/Food was pretty good overall…….You know what sucked though?

The service!

The service fucking sucked!

blew it

Honestly just terrible…..everyone miserable and walking around with a chip on their shoulder……….

I just said screw it and didn’t let it get to me but I could see how some people could be super pissed!

August 19th was my Birthday so it was a special bonus to be able to spend my Birthday there! Shane even Surprised me with a Birthday Dinner on the Ocean that he arranged……Best dinner ever….(and best service of the week by far!)



Lobster was on the menu! My favorite!


And a little bubbly doesn’t hurt!


Beautiful night!


After dinner we walked over to the entertainment stage to watch a steel drum band from Kingston Jamaica…..They were fantastic!

We bought a lot of stuff to bring back……probably too much but why not!

IMG_0182Overall a great trip!

(A few extra pics)

Loved the beach venders……They were the nicest people on the whole trip!


im out

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