Camo goes with everything!

Seams like I have had a bazillion cupcake orders this summer!


ok fine…..but I still made a lot!

The latest ones were for Kelly’s Brother in Law. They were having a surprise 30th Birthday party for him and his wife was doing a hunting theme and asked me to do cupcakes that tie into the theme….

Oh sure…..Sounds easy right?



So after stalking Pinterest for two weeks straight I finally settled on these…..

google cupcakes
Pinterest image

Truth be told I was just hoping I wouldn’t make the Pinterest fail website……


The actual cake part was easy breezie…..


But the icing…….That’s another story!

I made up the three colors and then the real fun began………after a lot of yelling, crying and icing fails……….I somehow pulled these out of my ass……(not literally)

4 hours and 4 dozen cupcakes later……


camp3Turned out better then Pinterest Bitches!


Ok ok…..that might be a bit dramatic but I was still VERY happy with how they turned out!

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