I’m gonna call you Chigo!

It has been a crazy couple of weeks! Our close friends are expecting a baby boy in October……Omar and Chichi…..

Obvi she isn’t prego here! This is from their last anniversary party!

July 30th Chichi had a moment…….




Well you asked!

Now Chichi has a history of having babies early…..

Enter Adaora and Olanna


Born at 35 and 33 weeks gestation…….And both under 4 lbs

So they have some experience with this….But this was even earlier…..She was just at 31 weeks…….

Turns out she didn’t pee herself at all!  Her water was “trickeling” but didn’t fully break…….So she was put in the hospital on bed rest!

Only one week later and this little guy had his own plans……. on August 6th while Omar was at our place for a visit, around midnight, he got the call!


Three hours later………


Baby Soroibe (sore-EE-bay) Chigozirim Emmanuel Johnson said fuck this I am outta here and made his appearance!

I’m gonna call you Chigo little one!

3lbs 15oz….

He is perfect! Just little…….After 24 hours hooked up to all these machines (just as a precaution) He was all unhooked!




Chichi went home after 2 days but Chigo will be at the hospital for a couple weeks!

Love him already!

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