Cuba fun!

When Shane was younger he had a guys trip to Cuba……they paid like $400 each and I am sure you can imagine what type of experience they had…….seriously guys…..what did you think would happen??


The food was terrible and they had to cross a road to get to the beach that they shared with the locals…….and when a man tried to sell him his 15 year old daughter for $10 well lets just say that was the kicker…..It took me till now to convince him to try it again!

We booked last minute, I got a great deal to Ocean Varadero el Patriarca for a quick 4 night get away! It was just what we needed!

We set out for the airport on a beautiful Sunday afternoon….I love the airport and always go early so I can not have to rush!


We arrived after dinner…….we threw our stuff in our room and went to look around…..




We had a great trip! The resort was pretty good and even the food was ok! I mostly eat fish and fruit when I am in the Caribbean so I have never really had a problem in Cuba……

We hit the beach early in the morning until about 2 pm and then would move over to the pool for a few hours……

DSCF0731 DSCF0732

There was a great little coffee shop where we grabbed a iced coffee every afternoon…..



Evenings were fun….Just having a late leisurely dinner without rushing or having to clean up after was great!

Evening looks……

Night two

IMG_8097 DSCF0719

Night three


and night four


looking goodAnd some other random pics…..Just because……..

DSCF0744  DSCF0748DSCF0753 DSCF0764 DSCF0785 DSCF0769 DSCF0788

Overall it was a fantastic trip…..We stocked up on a few staple items!




I think we will head down to the Bahamas in August…..looking at resorts ….hoping to book in the next two weeks!

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