Niagara on the Lake Day Trip and I think I broke Shane

Vacation is great!

Monday morning we were up nice and early…..I even managed to convince Shane to come for a quick 5 K run with me!





I won’t mention that he managed to twist his ankle in the first 500 meters of the run…….

And they say I am the klutz!!!!


He pulled through and finished the run but now he is limping around here giving me the stink eye!!!!


C’est la vie!

After a smoothie and a shower Mark and Carla showed up and we headed for a afternoon at Niagara on the Lake.

We went to Kurtz Market……  Adorable little market with some great items. I picked up some ice wine jelly and some of their homemade marinades……..

Mark channeled his inner farmer


We headed to the back of the farm to feed the giant Coy Fish!

IMG_8804 IMG_8821

Next stop…..

The Ravine Vineyard……I absolutely love this vineyard and their small batch wines.


You can not buy them anywhere else so we often make a special trip out to Niagara just to pick up some of our favorites!

IMG_8822 IMG_8841

We headed into town to have a light lunch……I seriously love this town. It is picturesque and has a great small town charm!

niagara Niagara-on-the_Lake1 We had Mussels and Wine at Shaw Café and Wine Bar before heading home……..


If you haven’t been to Niagara on the Lake and get the chance….Go! We are so lucky to be about 40-45 Minutes away……We definitely take advantage of it and get out there as much as we can!

  1. Have you ever been to Niagara on the Lake or Niagara Falls?
  2. What is your favorite “close to home” get away?

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