Let’s all go to the lobby!

Kelly asked if I wanted to come to the new Minion Movie with her and my Goddaughter Eva (She is 4)



Hell ya I do!

They have popcorn there!


We sent Shane and Nathan off with their youngest Lene……


They went for wings!….She looks harmless doesn’t she…….

trouble 2

Kelly and I did a quick 5K trail run first (My second day in a row doing 2 runs) and then quickly got ready to head out!

Pay no attention to the huge vein on my forehead….

Since it was her first movie ever Eva was pretty stoked……..



First stop!…….Snacks!


We definitely set a good example on what going to the movies means….I love movie popcorn!….


We set her up with tons of junk food and her first ever slushie drink!



The movie was super cute!! We laughed….we cried…..

Ok well no one cried but you get the idea!

It was a great girls night out!

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