Miss or Mister…….Brother or Sister?? Cupcake gender reveal party

This is one of my besties…..Julie!


The day after this run Julie found out she was pregnant! So exciting!

A few weeks after even more good news…..



Holy Shit!

On second thought…….She will have 3 kids under the age of two……hmmm….



I am kidding but it is going to be busy at that house!!!!

On Monday I spent the day at the Hospital with Julie. She had to do a lot of tests and screening as this is a high risk pregnancy. The good news new is that they thought the twins were mono-mono but they are actually mono-di twins…..They are sharing a placenta but they have separate sacks……

So identical twins! Crazy!

At the end of the appointment the Doctor said they knew the gender already…..She is almost 16 weeks along so it is kind of early……The doctor wrote it down and Julie asked me to bake Cupcakes and do the reveal the my place Wednesday afternoon….

I got out early and did a 7K pace run to get that out of the way so I had time to prepare……..

Since there were just a handful of close friends and family coming I didn’t want to go over the top with this like I usually do with things…….

cool it

I know!

Here is the spread!

Lemonade and Cupcakes!

Once everyone arrived we did some speculating and made our guesses about the gender!


I had pre voted before looking at the paper!



Julie guessed girl!

We quickly got down to business!


Drumroll please………



ok ok………You guys are no fun!





Yep……Three boys under 2!


This is gonna be fun!

IMG_8368 IMG_8372

Big brother Izaiah enjoyed his cupcakes! Oh man Julie is in trouble if the Twins are heartbreakers like this little fellow!

We sat around and had some homemade lemonade and a few snacks….It was a nice afternoon…….


Once everyone left I was able to get out for my second run of the day!……This one was just a quick 5K Tempo run…..

I am starting low mileage with these double runs as I don’t usually run twice in a day……


I need to be at 2 10K’s a day for 3 days in a row by the end of August, since the National Peace Officer Memorial Run is at the end of September!


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