Summer time 10K trail fun run!

Kelly and I had planned to do a 10K on the weekend on the waterfront trail……..It was a beautiful day……30C/90F! Perfect for a run if you ask me! I love running in the heat! (Words that would bit me in the ass later)


I had never run this trail before but had heard good things…….

thumbs up

I know…….

Kelly and I loaded up with some coconut water for our running bottles and I packed some water on ice for after the run and we made the 10 minute drive down to the trails…..After a hit of Oxygen we got out on the trail!


I can’t believe how busy it was….I didn’t realise there was a water park down there and not to mention all the beaches and restaurants and beach volleyball courts! wtf! How did I not know this!



Kelly pre run! While she was still smiling!!
I was so excited to have a running partner for the day!

I usually set the pace when I run with Kelly but apparently I can be “bossy” at times with running so I backed off and let her set the speed!


Well I think so!

We had a pre run flex!

IMG_8187 IMG_8188

now-youre-just-embarrassingRegardless……We set off at a 5:10K pace and I immediately knew that with the heat that Kelly would be hip checking kids at the splash pad to cool down if we didn’t put the brakes on a bit! I debated just letting it play out and hope that we would keep the speed up but figured that we would have a overall better run if we slowed down a bit and were able to finish the whole thing!………So I let her know aka told he to slow down!


The scenery was great and there was so much going on that the first 5k went super fast!

IMG_8190 IMG_8191

At the turn around point we stopped for a second to get some coconut water into us! The sun was scorching down on us and at this point it was almost 100F in the sun!  I was even hot!


We made it back with minimal tears……even managing a decent time of 56min (Not bad considering the extreme heat)



We caught our breath……

IMG_8245 IMG_8250

Had some of the ice cold water I packed! (You are welcome Kelly!!!!)



Oh Kelly! So dramatic!!!!!

It’s always fun to run with your BFF!


We went to Booster Juice and grabbed a “Spinach is in it” Shake to refuel before setting up for the UFC fight! Kelly and I planned on going out for a drink on a patio so I wanted to have all the food prepped for the boys before we left!



We were able to sit in the backyard for a while before heading out……..Yep we even showered and got dressed in normal people clothes!!!!

IMG_8252 IMG_8255

Great day! I love Summer!

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