Let’s go to the beach!

I have been off work since July 1st at 6pm!

where were you

I know! I know!…….I am sorry!

We found a good last minute deal to Cuba……


But there was one problem……

I didn’t get my passport renewed when I was supposed to!


Ugh! I KNOW!

So Thursday I was at the Passport Office bright and early (before they opened)……..

My friends brother in law works in the Passport Office and I was lucky enough to get his window and he put a extra rush on it and I had it back in three hours!

So with the Passport done we had only a couple days to get ready to go! I needed a few new things (bathing suit/hat/dresses ect)……

Spent a day and a half running around trying to get everything done and still get my workouts in……


I managed to get the runs in each day though and yesterday I was able to end my run at the gym and get a weight workout in.

We ate well all week……I went to the downtown market and stocked up on some fresh fish!

IMG_7831 IMG_7832 IMG_7833

This market is great! Just wish it was closer to my house!

Blackened fish tacos with grilled zucchini

We ate this a couple nights in a row! So good!

We enjoyed the backyard in the evenings…..


It has been great weather the past few days….the nights get a bit chilly but the days have been great!

We leave at noon today for the airport! I can’t wait to get on the beach!


I took this picture from trip advisor from someone’s pictures from the resort we are going to ! I love the beaches in Varadero!

I plan on relaxing and enjoying the next few days “unplugged”!


Because when I get back I have some serious training to do for the National Peace Officer Memorial Run!


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