Nike Free 5.0 Shoes and there are good people in the world!

I love this!….Why? Because it is so effin true!


Today I wanted to do a 7isKM run. After yesterday’s 16K I just wanted to stretch out my legs…….


Ok….I also wanted to try out my new shoes! Yesterday I picked up a pair of the Nike Free 5.0 Running Shoes.

Now I have been a Saucony or Asics girl for years, and have never really contemplated switching. They fit me well and I have yet to have a pair I didn’t like…….

So why the switch?

do what i want

I had never really thought of Nike as shoes for running. But after doing some reading, it looks like they have really stepped up their running shoe game. I wanted something light weight (these are 7.3oz) for the summer, and these seamed to fit the bill!

I ended up getting a size 8!! WTF…..I have never wore a size 8 shoe! Always a 7……sometimes a 7.5 in running shoes to allow for my orthotics……I guess they fit small!

I laced up………and was out the door!


Aren’t they pretty! I love new shoes!

I did 7.5KM, at 5:50KM Pace…….. part of the route was the same as yesterday so I could test the different terrain’s with these shoes.

They have a good cushion and I don’t think I will have any problems with them. The only thing that concerns me is that when I was running on the grass I didn’t feel a lot of  ankle support…….Not that I run on grass often but I will have to for the Nike 15K next weekend.

Now for someone who is chronically clumsy who also has weak ankles……this could be an issue!


Believe me I don’t need snow to fall! I will just have to be mindful and watch my footing on the grass section.


On to move important news!!!!! Look what is opening up about 3KM from my house!!!!!

IMG_6666Yup…….Burger’s Priest!


Had a quick protein shake and then off to finish errands! I swear 2 days off isn’t close to enough time to get everything done!

As soon as I came out of the grocery store it started to pour rain……


Ugh……While I was driving home I saw something that gave me goose bumps!

I stopped at a street light and looked to the side of the road…….I saw a nice car stopped in the middle of the road, and a middle aged man get out and run up to a, maybe 16 or 17 year old, young man and hand him an umbrella…….The kid was obviously waiting for a bus or something and had been caught out in the middle of nowhere in the rain……

How sweet to see something so simple yet so amazing. There are good people in this world and we all need to do things like this for other when we can…….

Couldn’t get a better shot…..didn’t wanna look like a weirdo snapping the pic!

This definitely was the best part of my day!


The only thing that sucks is……I have to work Saturday and Sunday! BOOOO


Rib Fest is in town this weekend…Maybe I will go for a bit after work Saturday……..





8 thoughts on “Nike Free 5.0 Shoes and there are good people in the world!

  1. I have worn Nike free’s off and on for a couple years and I love them, sometimes the fit can be tricky!!!! but so much fun to run in and light. The grass and sand for me was the best part of the Nike Run!! its a nice change of pace from concrete all the time!


    • Yeah the shoes are great so far! I like how light they are as well!!
      Glad you had a good time at the Nike run! I didn’t mind the grass and sand it was just the pouring rain making the grass slippery!! I was afraid I was going to trip or something , I’m not exactly graceful!


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