16K run and it wasn’t terrible! And WIAW (I know its Thursday…..What’s your point?)

Ahhh……A day off



Today started with something I was looking forward to!

IMG_6478A big ass bowl of Reese Puffs Cereal with Cashew Milk and Banana!

This cereal is reserved ONLY for long runs…….AKA 15K or longer!!!!

I swear I only run so I can eat……..

Here is an interesting fact……if you google that phrase a picture from my old blog comes up……Too funny!


What       Ever!

I did a few things around the house (drank water and watched the news)

I popped a Nuun tab in my water bottle


Packed up a few of these


Had a couple bites of a Cliff Bar


Even though I haven’t had much luck with these pre run I gave it another try…….

The run went much better then last weeks long run. Same 16K distance…..same pace (weird) but I didn’t feel like crawling in a ditch for a nap the whole way!


I also chose a harder route today. More hills and terrible terrain. The Nike run has varied terrain…….everything from grass to sand to gravel to pavement. So today I just wanted to see what that would be like. Overall not bad, but there worst part was running in the grass. I had a 1 KM portion at KM 9 that was all grass and on an angle (side of a hill) and this took a lot out of me. I did not realise running on grass was so tough. A lot of resistance.

My biggest issue was the horrible cramp I got at KM 14 that just wouldn’t go away. I knew I shouldn’t have eaten that Cliff Bar!

  • 3-The number of cars that almost ran me over
  • 2-The number of times I tripped/almost fell
  • 1-The number of dogs that chased me
  • 0-The number of times I felt like quitting!!!!




I was kinda in a hurry when I got back so I showered quick and made, what Shane would call, a Power Shake, for the road.



I went to the Garden Centre and picked up some new Tomato plants to replace the ones killed in the frost!

I also knew I needed new shoes and since the Nike 15K is in 10 days I had to get them today so I can break them in a bit before the run………I didn’t have a ton of time so I went to Sport Chek


So many choices……I was able to get a pair (and a new running outfit for the Nike 15K)

I will review the shoes tomorrow! Stay tuned!

edge of seat

Watch it……No one like a wise guy!

I was STARVING when I finally got home……glad I had Turkey Burgers made. I was craving some sweet potato fries! They are my favorite!


Totally hit the spot!

Side note: My peonies are open!


Love them!



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