Long run day and I cancelled my Overtime!

I cancelled my Overtime shift for today!!!! It was a easy 0600-1400 Shift


I know! Easy money……But I just needed to be off today. Tomorrow is supposed to rain and I work all weekend so today is really my only chance to get my long run in this week.

I am pretty sore today as I have been in the gym all week instead of out running!

  • Monday I did Shoulders and Back
  • Tuesday I did Biceps and Triceps
  • Wednesday I did a core workout

I have a few gym/non running related goals I am starting to work on.

  1. I want to be able to bench press 135lbs 5 times (45lb bar, and one 45lb plate on each side)
  2. To do 5 full range pull ups

I am NO WHERE near doing either of these right now……

Starting point this week

  1. I benched pressed 65lbs 8 times
  2. 1 “assisted” full range pull up


For someone who works out as much as I do I should be more advanced as this…..The biggest issue?

I NEVER do core training…….

Why? Because its hard and I suck at it…….


I know I know! I have wanted to do core training for a while. I know it will help my running and overall strength so I think it is time to get on it!

The Nike Woman’s 15K run on Toronto Island is next Sunday!!!! I received my Race Kit Pick Up Information Email



Shit…….Lets break this down…….

  • The race starts at 9:30
  • I have to board the ferry at 06:40
  • Drive time to Downtown 40 Minutes
  • If want to get a Coffee I have to leave home at 5:45
  • I will need about one hour to shower and get ready


  • Projected wake up time on race day……..

4:45am …….



This is going to take some careful planning!

Todays run will be about 16KM……

I planned ahead and loaded up on Sherbet yesterday……..It will totally help me today for my run……

We went to Baskin Robins for a little afternoon indulgence…..I treated cause I am nice like that….(OK I lost a bet and had to pay……whatever)

I was eyeing these bad boys up when we got there


They looked sooooo good……I did a quick Google search to check the calories…..

850-1050 Calories each??? How is this even possible??


ughhh……I ended up getting some Mango/Coconut Sherbet


Still really good! And less guilt!

So long 1 minute per km slower then race pace run today…….Lets hope it’s better then my last 16K run!


11 thoughts on “Long run day and I cancelled my Overtime!

  1. I got an iced coffee from tims today… And I instantly regretted it. All that sugar and creme just to have a mid afternoon caffeine crash? Not worth it. Going with the mango coconut was a great call!


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