wine But Nooooo….I have to work……. Balls My 60 Hour work week just got that much longer….I took Overtime on Thursday…… dollar-gif Now my only day off this week is Friday……….. cry You would like that wouldn’t you!

We are planning a trip (or a few) this summer……one being to (hopefully) Barbados……So trying to get some extra hours in now instead of when the better weather hits! Genius right! I struggle to get my runs in on my long work weeks…..So I have been doing weights on work days because I can do them in my work gym before I go home.

This week I will only get 2 runs in, but during my short work weeks (every other week) I am able to do 4-5 runs on average…….. I am not complaining about the gym sessions, it should just be running as well on some of those days… Running must be a priority and I have been making it an option. I can’t be ok with 2 runs on my long work week….it just isn’t good enough and I am capable of more……


On a side note…….Why don’t we have a Zaxby’s in Canada? I keep seeing these stupid commercials for Birthday Cake Milk Shakes! milkshakes gipverucahy Felt like I needed to get that off my chest! On my way home from work I did see some people that were having a worse day then me…… IMG_6453 Yikes….Guess I should count my blessings and be glad I wasn’t pushing a car in Toronto during rush hour!

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