A great run, Sorbeto, Wine and other random nonsense

Ahhhhhh!!!! Its the weekend!

I was able to get in some weight workouts on Wednesday and Thursday after work……The weather has been amazing this week! On Wednesday I went to San Remo’s on lunch break to get some Sorbeto (Dairy free Gelato) with my partner from work……


So many choices!! All homemade too! I love this spot! I decided on half mango and half lemon! Dawjee got half chocolate and half lemon!


OMG!!!! Sooooo effin good!!!!!

ice cream

This was pretty much how I ate it…..We sat outside to eat it…..it was such a beautiful day!!

Friday I was able to get in some OT at work 6-2……I changed into my running gear and tried to get ahead of Friday rush hour traffic……


Apparently I didn’t get ahead of anything and ended up in traffic longer then I expected…….

Fuck I hate Toronto traffic!

I was out the door as soon as I got home and ran right to Julies house……Almost 8KM …..I felt pretty good the whole time and held a steady 5:30 KM pace for the whole run with minimal effort…….I love those runs that don’t make you want to jump into oncoming traffic just to stop the pain! I think the playlist I used had something to do with it!


Julie promised me Fattoush Salad……We went to a place called Paramount


Doesn’t look like anything special, but the dressing is delicious! My favorite part of Paramount is the wood fire stone oven that they make fresh pita bread in. When it comes to the table it is fresh and still steaming from the oven!


So effin good! Fresh, hot and soft! (Sound like me on a Saturday night)…….

get over

I was just kidding!!!! geesh

After the run and salad I headed home to make some appetizers…..We had a couple friends coming over for wine in the backyard! I was ready before Shane so I had lots of time to take selfies……..Thank goodness right!


Who wouldn’t wanna drink wine with this face right! (Please don’t burst my bubble)……

Shane’s buddy Jamie lives just across the street from us and we have been saying forever we need to get together. We were finally able to coordinate and have them over. I met his girlfriend Tracy, for the first time. She is great!!! She is just starting to run and has her first 5KM race this weekend. I am so excited at potentially having a running buddy in the neighbourhood!!

They stayed until about 3 in the morning so I am pretty tired today…..I am too old for this shit!

Trying to get up the energy to go out for my run.

We have a backyard fish fry to go to this afternoon…..oh Summer how I love you!

Oh yeah……Side note…….


Who the fuck loads a dishwasher this way???? Am I living with an animal? I swear he just does things like this so I tell him not to do them anymore…….From the man who color codes his entire closet…..and he wants me to believe he can’t load a dishwasher??


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