My Frostbitten Garden and a HIIT Run

Someone got a little cocky and planted her garden a week or two earlier then normal!



I knew the temperature was dropping so I covered the Vegetable Garden 3 nights in a row with tarps…..Apparently it wasn’t enough and my pretty garden went from this……


To this…….

Heirloom Tomato Plant

Yellow Boy Tomato Plant


Zucchini Plant
So this is the worst of it…..Some of the plants are fine…..It has really warmed up and should stay hot now…..So I am hoping with some water, sun and a lot of LOVE just maybe I can bring them back! I am hoping so….I really do not want to replant!!!!!


Even my front planters got a touch of frost bite…….poor things!


Stupid frost!!!!

Lesson learned.

I worked all weekend 7-7 so I didn’t get a run in but I managed to do one after my Overtime 6-2 shift today.

I only had about 4.5 hours of sleep so I really just wanted to go home and nap but I knew I would kick myself if I didn’t get a run in.

Yikes……Bad hair day much!?

I decided to do 400Meter sprint repeats. After a quick 1KM warm up I started the sprints, held a ok pace and managed to do 400Meter x 10 and then a 1KM cool down……Overall not bad….These HIIT runs really make a huge difference in my running and I need to make sure I am getting in one a week!

Had a quick dinner as I have lots of meals prepped and just had to warm something up…….

Turkey Meatloaf with roasted Sweat Potato and Green Beans
As long as I don’t get called in last minute tomorrow I will get in at least a 10KM run………

Oh yeah!

One of my long time Besties  ran her first Half Marathon yesterday. The Ottawa Scotia Bank Race Weekend Half Marathon

Melissa -bib19205
I am so incredibly proud of her!!!! She has wanted to be a runner for a long time and went from not running at all to finishing her first half! I only wish we lived closer so we could be running buddies!!!! Love this girl! Way to go Smelissa!!!!


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