I thought it was Sunday all day today……..

Being a shift worker can definitely mess with your mind!


ughhhhh…..yeah….what’s the problem? It happens!

Since I am apparently such a loser that I can’t stay up past 9pm on my day off, I was up at the crack of dawn……


FOCUS!…..oh right….

I was up early and uncovered the garden….remember last week when I thought it would be fine to plant the garden so early……yeah I was wrong! It was 2C (35F) two nights in a row and I had to tarp the garden so I didn’t kill the poor plants!


Shane was right….(1st time ever) a bit too early to plant! Oh well the tarps made everything ok……I know you are probably thinking who cares about the garden…..well I do! I love my garden!

Got my 10KM run in and FELT GREAT!

If anyone wants to see a movie on my huge forehead it starts at 9pm eastern time…..geesh

I definitely did not push myself but I held a steady pace of 5:49KM(9:22Mile) for the whole 10KM run…..wish this was my long run day as I know I could have held this for another 6-8KM easy….oh well…still happy with the run!

I couldn’t extend my run as I had an appointment to get my tire fixed and since I work tomorrow figured it was a good idea to fix it….aka I suck at driving!

I work Saturday and Sunday and have already taken Overtime for Monday (6-2) and I am guessing I will work Tuesday as well so that means tomorrow starts 6 days in a row…..


well ’cause




Overtime is still great though……


Spent the afternoon meal prepping for the next few days and wishing I was off for the weekend!

I did bake a delicious treat for work tomorrow…..I will post the recipe and pictures as it is still setting up and I can’t cut it yet!

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