Long Weekend Kicked Off with a 8KM run!

This     Has    Been     Quite     A     Week

But now……..

It’s the Freakin’ Weekend……


Soooo….Just to recap…….

Sunday’s Sporting Life 10K was last weekend……… It was and wasn’t a PR run……either way is was a really fun day and I am looking forward to doing it again next year.


Last weekend after the run, for supper I made us something yummy for dinner…..it was such a beautiful day and we spent the afternoon/evening outside….

I made some Tacos De Papa…..similar to this recipe but with my own twist….I added some shredded chicken I had left over from the day before……


These were quick, easy and delicious and such a great way to end the weekend…….They made me happy!


Unfortunately I had to work Monday-Thursday but now I am off until Monday. It is Victoria Day this weekend. Most people consider this the official kickoff to Summer! I am one of those people! The garden will be going in and I plan to spend every second outside this weekend that I possible can! Farmers Markets are opening and Outdoor Festival will be running all over the place starting now and for the next few months!


I started off my morning today with some egg whites….I added spinach and some red pepper salsa…..


Headed out for a run before it started to rain……just made it back in time…..


Did a quick 8KM run (5Miles) at a 5:30KM/8:51Mile steady pace……


I have two more runs planned for this weekend but I am not sure what day I am doing what run. Planning on a 15 KM steady state run and I think I will do a 400Meter x 10 Sprint Run. It will depend on the weather when I do the long run……

My post long run treat this weekend will be ……Ta……Da!

Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake!


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