Sporting Life 10K Race re-cap

Yesterday (Sunday May 10) was the Sporting Life 10K

about time

I know! It seams like we have been talking (shit) about this race forever!! I mentioned that my big mouth had gotten me into a bit of a situation with this run. I seam to have put myself out their with some pretty big projections about beating a couple of my co-workers that were running as well! It was all in good fun overall I didn’t really care where I finished as long as I wasn’t completely left behind!

little legs

Now that it is done I am pretty sure everyone else at work will be happy to not have to hear anymore about this run!


The night before the run I got about 6 Hours of sleep. Not bad considering I had to be up at 5am. I was up, showered, bags packed and breakfast made! I sat on the front porch and ate my breakfast and waited for KFG to show up.

Ezekiel Bread with PB and Banana
Ezekiel Bread with PB and Banana

I would usually have just one piece of the bread before a 10K run but we had to leave so early I wanted something that would stick with me!

I drove the 40 Minutes to downtown Toronto, we sipped coffee on the way and chatted about the run……..Once we got to Exhibition Place we met up with one of the other girls running with us, and she showed us how to get to the shuttles since it was KFG and my first time running it.


KFG said she was pointing out the CN Tower in case anyone read the blog and somehow missed it!! Thanks KFG!!


We hopped on the 6:55am shuttle and were dropped off at 7:25am……long friggin bus ride!

Are we there yet??

Once we got off the shuttle we had about one kilometer to walk to our coral…..It was quite hot out already, but even more so humid…….we were sweating already. I couldn’t believe the crowds! Insane…..27,000 runners……that’s a lot yo!


It wasn’t hard to find our other co-workers since one of them is about 7 feet tall…….but he is a tall drink of water!


Ok maybe I am exaggerating!

We threw a couple elbows and found or spot in out coral…..the blue coral. Projected finish time 53:00-55:00 min……


After a minor technical glitch with my headphones (meltdown avoided) we were off……The crowd was so thick….I was weaving around people all over the place! Frustration!!!!


This pretty much sums up my race……especially since a large portion of the run was a decline……Since the crowd was so huge we separated right away……I didn’t see any of my peeps so I thought they were behind me…….I looked over my left shoulder at km 3 and saw my main competition gaining on me! And boy did he look as angry as a pirate!!


That was enough to get me moving just that much quicker! I felt pretty good until km 9ish…..The last km was rough…..just after km 9 the route bottle necked and went to less then half as wide……the runners were literally shoulder to shoulder and getting through was next to impossible! It was very frustrating as this added about 20 seconds onto my last km……

According to my Garmin at 10KM I clocked 50 min and 25 seconds…….


But when I crossed the finish line my Garmin was reading 10:35KM…….Official Chip Time 51:33…….



So frustrating…..My past 10KM run PB time before this run was 51:00 Min but running on my own my it’s no where near these times…….soooooooo my question……..What would my PB 10KM be? 50:25 or 51:33?

Either way not bad…I am only frustrated because I feel like I could have done better…….But I did manage to beat the guys! Thank goodness!!!!

5k split 25:36 pace 5:07KM

10k split 25:59 pace 5:11KM (slow down at the end shows here)

Over all 51:33 pace 5:09KM (8:17 Mile pace)

KM Paces

1 KM-5:07KM

2 KM-5:06KM

3 KM-5:01KM

4 KM-4:55KM

5 KM-4:55KM

6 KM-4:54KM

7 KM-4:57KM

8 KM-5:07KM

9 KM-5:05KM

10 KM-5:17KM (WTF HAPPEN’)

Next year I am going in the first coral! I don’t care !!!!


The worst part of this race was once you finished the half KM walk to get your medal and water…..SOB…….

We all finished up and got our medals…….


We survived!!!!!!!

Me and KFG post run

Jeez nice vein in my head…..Hot!

We stopped at Starbucks and grabbed a yummy Frappuccino and headed home to enjoy the rest of Mothers day. Shane took my MIL to brunch in the morning and when they got back we enjoyed the beautiful afternoon in the backyard! Great day! I will do this run again…….Next year I will break 50 Minutes!


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