Mussels for your Mussels

It has been so beautiful outside all week and I worked the first 3 days of it!

baby gif

Yeah yeah I know we all have to work!

Before the run I decided I felt like being a bit naughty………

I indulged in a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch/Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Cereal!


Damn delicious!


Well Kinda………

I took advantage of the sun yesterday and went out for a quick 8KM run. I did a easy pace 5:50KM/9:23Mile Pace Average.


I feel limited with my route options sometimes around here. Unless I want to drive somewhere to do my run (beach or trails) I am pretty limited to either city run, which is all sidewalks, traffic lights and trying to not get clipped by a Buick. Or a rural run which is running on gravel, smelling cow patties and not getting pelted by rocks when I get passed by a dump truck or a tractor………I chose a combo of both…


See how hard I worked!!

As soon as I got back from the run I cleaned up the gardens in both the front and back yard. The gardens were a bit of a mess after that terrible Winter, so I got a bit more sun and now they are ready to go! Picked up 10 bags of mulch and Shane will put that down this weekend. I don’t think I will plant for another week or two though just in case the temperature dips again…..

After gardening I was starving! I still had some left over Nori from when we made Quinoa Sushi so I tried something new.

Tuna (from a can) Sushi

Nori sheet filled with Tuna, roasted red peppers, heart of palm, jalapenos, green onion and a bit of Greek Yogurt to bind it together

Roll up and slice……


I made a little Sriracha mayo and also added some Wasabi and Ginger……Yumm….I think my eyes were bigger then my stomach though….this was super filling and I only had about half…….

This fueled me for my errands! Shane was home early and we wanted to take advantage of the gorgeous evening….Especially since it was kinda like my Saturday night (I work this weekend) .First up we enjoyed a delicious Cider

IMG_5527 I don’t usually like things like this but it was really good…..not too sweet and not overly carbonated…..

And on the Dinner menu……… Al Fresco!

IMG_5534 IMG_5536

Mussels in Pinot Grigio, garlic broth…topped with some fresh parsley served with a side salad and a glass of wine.

As soon as we sat down Shane started to get “attacked” by bugs……..And by “attacked” I mean one little bug……He hates bugs……and was trying to swat it away…..It was like trying to eat dinner with the Whacky Waving Inflatable Arm-Flailing Tube Man…..

Family_Guy___Funny_Thing_by_mukeni0Sooooo ………inside we went! We did head outside after Dinner and stayed out for awhile……

Today I have ohhh……..a Bazillion things to do and all I have accomplished so far is reading blogs and having coffee!!!

ass Ok….I’m going, I’m going……….


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